Project Management

At R&M Lines our Project Management service sets us apart from the rest. It’s the bedrock of every job undertake but really comes into its own on full renovation and refurbishment works. With houses such as Charles II Place and Elms Crescent we were involved with the homeowners at every juncture of the project including:

• Initial planning and specification of works • Timetabling activities and milestones • Finding suitable contractors (including interior design) and arranging quotes • Sourcing products and fittings • Acting as the interface between clients and service providers/contractors • Managing delivery by contractors • Problem-solving and troubleshooting

Real Project Management means not just taking on the burden from the homeowner but also having the expertise and foresight to plan for the unexpected and inconvenient. For instance, if a trench needs to be dug for pipes and cabling, our experience of handling and negotiating with utilities companies is invaluable. 



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