Terms and Conditions

1. QUOTE - Whilst every effort is made to quote work as accurately as possible for the proposed works, it is sometimes necessary to include an additional sum in the final account for items and labour which could not be foreseen at the quotation stage. These items will always be discussed with the client whenever possible; if however the client is not available, and no other aspect of the work may be undertaken in the interim, the tradesman will continue in order to finish works on schedule.

2. ACCESS to the site will be granted to R & M Lines Ltd during the agreed schedule, and require that no other trades are working on or around the site concurrently. Although every effort is made to ascertain that access is possible to areas by ladder, if it is found after start of works that access is not possible to areas in a safe manner, and no price has been given for scaffolding, R & M Lines Ltd will quote any additional charge for such scaffolding as needed,

3. SITE PREPARATION - R & M Lines Ltd require that the site be cleared by the customer prior to commencement of works. If this is not done, we will charge a delay fee, and invoice for any clearing work carried out by R & M Lines Ltd. Should our workmen be requested to move any furniture or possessions, it is at owners own risk

4. DAMAGE REPAIR - Any reparation work requested as a result of damage by other parties will be costed and scheduled separately.

5. DELAY - Due to scheduling requirements a minimum of five days notice is required if the start date is to be postponed by the client. Changes to works schedule by the client after this period will be charged at a rate of 100 pounds per day.

6. CANCELLATION - The client will forfeit a deposit equal to 25% of the total job cost including vat.

7. PAYMENT TERMS - Upon instruction of works to R & M Lines Ltd, a deposit of 50% of the total cost is requested when the total By instruction from the client to R & M Lines Ltd and the payment of the deposit, the client is accepting the following terms and conditions:

cost is 5,000pounds + vat or less PRIOR to commencement, a minimum of 10 working days in advance. If the total is 5,001pounds + vat or more, then 40% deposit is required and a further 40% is payable during works. The balance is payable immediately on the last day of works. If the client fails to pay the agreed installments on or before the due date, R & M Lines Ltd will cease work and enforce payment of the balance of the contract price. R & M Lines Ltd reserves the right to charge interest at a rate of 2% per month on any amounts unpaid after the due date of the final invoice. Should you request any work additional to that detailed above, you will receive a separate quote and the work will be invoiced separately. If our terms and conditions are not met, the invoice will be adjusted to include interest payable at 2% per month above base. If the client fails to pay the agreed installments on or before the due date, R& M Lines Ltd will cease work and enforce payment of the balance of the contract price.

8. PHOTOGRAPHY - R & M Lines Ltd reserves the right to photograph the work as it progresses.

9. RADIATORS - Unless specifically noted above, radiators will not be removed for decorating. If you wish radiators to be removed the additional cost of employing a plumber will be incurred.

10. GUARANTEE - All our work is guaranteed for 18 months, whereby we promise to return and put right any faults due to our workmanship at the earliest opportunity and free of charge.

11. All work will be carried out to a thorough standard, with all surfaces receiving appropriate preparation, including filling, sanding, priming and undercoating. Dustsheets will be used at all times to protect surfaces. Our quote is based on the use of British Standard paints, such as Dulux, Johnstone's etc. If different materials are to be used, a price adjustment will be made accordingly. Unless otherwise stated, this quotation is fully inclusive of all materials and labour necessary for the work required, and is valid for 6 months from the above date.