Modern Living Rooms: The Chair Desk

You’ve heard of a desk chair, but what about a chair desk?
The chair desk (it’s not actually called that!) allows you to cut out the desk, taking your laptop to living room without all the mess out a laptop stand and trailing wires.
Not only is the chair/sofa below practical, it is also visually appealing…of course this doesn’t come cheap, but as with all innovations, we only need to wait before it becomes a household staple.

Check out the pics of Martin Ballendat’s P@d chair below to see how it works.

It all tucks away, fitting stylishly in a modern living room.

It’s pretty normal these days to sit around in your living room browsing the internet or finishing off some work, so it’s nice to see designers are beginning to take this into consideration. The world is changing and the modern home needs modern solutions.

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