Planning Your Bathroom Design Part 2: Budgeting


Set a budget before you start. Make sure it is a cost you are comfortable with, but don’t expect to follow it to the tee. You need to allow wiggle room, because there will likely be an unforeseen cost somewhere down the line – the pipes in your house may have been laid unusually. Budgeting doesn’t mean scrimping on essentials; however, you’ll want to spend some money on quality fittings. In fact, you should prioritise the basics over more superfluous fittings; you wouldn’t want to have to replace them year after year because you refuse to buy quality.

Quality fittings look great and last longer!

Choose your materials at this stage as they will have a significant effect both on your budget and the look of your bathroom. Do you want granite or marble? There may be an alternative such as reconstituted stone that mimics the look you are after, whilst also being cheaper and easier to maintain.

Reconstituted stone – most people can’t even tell the difference

You’ll also have to account for labour, don’t worry, you’re not being cheated – working people need to be paid. Just take note that the bigger and more complex your project, the more people-hours it will require to complete.

Know your limits; you’ll probably need a professional. At the very least, you are likely to need a plumber, maybe a tiler and a structural builder. This can be hard to coordinate, so you may wish to hire a designer or building firm to helm your project. If the builders have a good sense of design, you can cut out the middle men and go straight to them. A builder that has a stable of plumbers, electricians, tillers and decorators is your best bet. A “one-stop shop” is best-equipped to helm this kind of project as they can more effectively manage scheduling between contractors, sharing technical information and handling any challenges as the arise. The more upfront and honest they are with your initial quote, the more likely you are to have successful project, delivered on-time and on-budget.

Part 3 to come!

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